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2004 Inaugural Season ‐ Original 6 Over‐30 Division Teams

NH Rusty Bones Manchester Elder Tribesmen

Seacoast NH Ancient Mariners Billerica Fakawee

Sudbury Olde Patriots MetroLacrosse Stale Doughnuts

The first ONELL game was played at the Anheuser Busch facility in Merrimack, NH,

on June 30, 2004.

Final score: Rusty Bones 15 / Tribesman 12.

Note: The Tribesman and the Rusty Bones represent the league's oldest rivalry.

Champions – Seacoast NH Ancient Mariners

2005 Inaugural Season – Over‐40 Division

14 Teams (10 Over‐30 Division, 4 Over‐40 Division)

New Over‐30 Teams – South Shore Womps, Cape Ann Gaspin’ Greenheads, Coastal

Riders and Concord (NH) Budmen

Original 4 Over‐40 Teams – NH Rusty Bones, Manchester Elder Tribesmen,

Billerica Fakawee and Groton Ancient Warriors

Over‐30 Division Champions – Seacoast NH Ancient Mariners

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